Green Ethanol Micro-Distillery
Green Ethanol Micro-Distillery
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Green's Ethanol Micro Distillery (EMD) is equipment for small scale bioethanol production. Its continuous system technology produces from 95º up to 99.5º GL bioethanol (hydrous/anhydrous) at different capacities, ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 liter/day plants, according to the demand in each community. The EMD is capable of processing several varieties of agricultural crops into bioethanol. The process is energy-efficient due to use of a modern enzyme that works at ~30ºC, resulting in a positive net energy gain.

General information
Countries deployed
Guyana, Nigeria, Uruguay
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not available
Pricing information
Costs may vary according to project’s conditions and feedstock available. For a scenario of ethanol production 24/7, the prices of one EMD operating with the following feedstocks and capacities is approximately: - Cassava 2500 lpd: USD 485,000 - Sugar Cane/Sweet Sorghum 1500 lpd: USD 285,000 The costs may vary by country of destination, sugar content of the feedstock, among others. For specific projects, please contact us.
Weight and dimensions
Product weight
7 tons, depending on the model.
Product dimensions
Fits in a 10mx15m warehouse
Ethanol 95 ºGL is produced at a rate of 41,5 to 62,5 ltrs/h according to the sugar and starch content of the feedstock. Overall, the production capacity of an EMD can vary from 500 liters/day up until 10.000 liters/day of bioethanol.
Information for consumers
Primary consumers
Fuel producers, Entrepreneurs and Investors, Farmers, Cooperatives, Local and National Agencies
Other information
One Green Ethanol Micro Distillery designed to produce 2.500 liters of bioethanol per day impacts ~2.000 families, providing them with a clean renewable fuels for cooking. It also prevents deforesting of more than 10 tons of wood a day, which can save up to 3.000 trees in a year, and avoids the emission of up to 18,000 tons of CO2 in a year. With one liter of bioethanol produced in Green Social's micro-distillery it is possible to cook three meals for a family of five people. Green's EMD was especially designed for the needs of poor rural communities with a lack of energy supply. The additional solution we propose is an ethanol-powered generator to supply energy for the plant itself, while more than 80% of the ethanol produced from the EMD can still be used in clean cookstoves among other uses.