SimGas GesiShamba
SimGas GesiShamba
Product type

The SimGas biogas system is designed to fulfill different customers’ needs. The system consists of a handful of simple and robust components that can be mixed and matched to create digesters of varying size. The components are produced in our injection moulding facility in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Customers choose SimGas biogas systems because of the affordability, the adaptable size, the durable material, the one-day installation and the ease of use. All this comes down to a high value, low cost product that has an average payback period of two years.

General information
Countries deployed
India, Kenya, Rwanda, United Republic of Tanzania
Countries manufactured
United Republic of Tanzania
Countries where fuel for this product is sourced
India, Kenya, Rwanda, United Republic of Tanzania
Pricing information
Depending on the size and location roughly between USD 500 - 1,000.
Weight and dimensions
Product weight
The weight depends on the size, the system is lightweight and therefore easy to transport and install.
Product dimensions
The dimensions depend on the size, the parts are stackable, and therefore easy to transport.
Digestion capacity (wet volume), starting from 2 m3, with increments of 1 m3.
Information for consumers
Primary consumers
Households, typically smallholder (dairy) farmers
Other information
not available