Wisdom Quality Pellets
Wisdom Quality Pellets
Fuel type

Our pellets are used for household cooking using our stove (Wisdom Jiko) or any other gasification stove

General information
Countries deployed
Countries sourced
Countries manufactured
Pricing information
$3 per 10kg bag
Raw materials and technology
Feedstock source
50% sugarcane bagasse 50% pine sawdust
Storage and conversion
A pellet mill is used for pelletizing
Production capacity
Projected capacity is 50 tonnes a month
Information for consumers
Quantity used per meal
0.5 kg of pellets per meal per day
Primary consumers
Typical foods cooked with this fuel
Githeri (Boiled mixture of maize and beans) and other cerials
Other information
A youtube video showing how Wisdom Quality Pellets are used in our stove is available using this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4go_VyIqD8
Fuel testing

No reports available