Bow Briquettes
Bow Briquettes
Fuel type

Carbonised stick briquettes of cylindrical shape in diameter of 40mm. They are made from agricultural waste like maize cobs, sawdust, food peelings and after harvest field remains. They work like the ordinary charcoal but last longer, are economical and do not emit smoke.

General information
Countries deployed
Countries sourced
Countries manufactured
Pricing information
$3.125USD - 10kg bag
Raw materials and technology
Feedstock source
maize cobs, food peelings, sawdust, and various agricultural waste like stalks, bean pods
Storage and conversion
motorized extuder
Production capacity
Information for consumers
Quantity used per meal
0.5 kg of briquettes per meal of 5 adults per day.
Primary consumers
households, restaurants, schools
Typical foods cooked with this fuel
Banana, posho, beans, beaf, sweetpotatoes
Other information
The briquette once used cannot be re-used
Fuel testing
Effectiveness of briquettes as an alternative cooking fuel for households in Uganda.