Green Charcoal
Green Charcoal
Fuel type

Green Charcoal is an alternative to charcoal from wood that is made from biomass waste like sugarcane waste, corn cobs to mention but a few. Green charcoal burns longer, burns cleaner and is used in the same stoves people already use.

General information
Countries deployed
Countries sourced
Countries manufactured
Pricing information
not available
Raw materials and technology
Feedstock source
Agricultural waste like sugarcane waste, corn cobs, coffee husks to mention but a few
Storage and conversion
drum kilns, manual and motorized extruders
Production capacity
18 tons/day
Information for consumers
Quantity used per meal
A quarter a kilogram per meal per day
Primary consumers
Households and restaurants
Typical foods cooked with this fuel
All types of food
Other information
not available
Fuel testing

No reports available