Kike Biofuel Gel
Kike Biofuel Gel
Fuel type

Heats up very quickly with high heat output. Non Spill, non explosive, no flare, and non toxic. If stove falls over accidentally, the flames are contained in one place. 1 litre burns continuously for approx. 4 hours and more. If ingested, effects are not fatal but just unpleasant No Smoke or smell. When water comes into contact with gel whilst cooking, it does not splatter. No black flame stains on cooking pots.

General information
Countries deployed
Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal
Countries sourced
Countries manufactured
Pricing information
$0.63 - 0.75Litre $2.49 - 3Litres
Raw materials and technology
Feedstock source
Biomas/Cellulosic Biomas/Ethanol Saw Dust Water Hyacinth Cassava Peels Sugarcane Bagasse Agricultural Waste
Storage and conversion
10,000LPD Micro Distillery
Production capacity
5 million Gallons/Year
Information for consumers
Quantity used per meal
0.35Cl Kike Biofuel Gel Per Meal
Primary consumers
Households, Schools, Camping, Hotels, Caterers, Restaurants
Typical foods cooked with this fuel
Beans, Rice, Pastas, Corn, Flour, Soup, Plantain, Fries
Other information
*Non Spill, Non explosive, No flare, and Non toxic *No Smoke or Smell *Eliminates dangerous smoke and gases from the kitchen *Produced from water hyacinth and sawdust
Fuel testing
Kike Ethanol Stove Test Result
Kike BioGel Certificate of Testing