Green Heat Manda
Green Heat Manda
Fuel type

Black pillow shaped briquette made from dry agricultural waste which is carbonized to form bio-char. Bio char is mixed with molasses and then compacted using a press before drying under sunlight.

General information
Countries deployed
Countries sourced
Countries manufactured
Pricing information
$0.27 - 1kg, $2.7- 10 kg , $5.5- 20kg, $11 - 50kg
Raw materials and technology
Feedstock source
Dried banana peelings, maize cobs, maize leaves, ground nut husks, saw dust, molasses
Storage and conversion
2 tonne crusher, 660kg mixture, 2 tonne per hour briquette press
Production capacity
170 tonnes per year
Information for consumers
Quantity used per meal
0.35kg per meal per day
Primary consumers
households, restuarants, hotels, tourist lodges, Hospital, School
Typical foods cooked with this fuel
Posho, Beans, Sweet potatoes, Millet bread (atapa), Meat stew, Berbecue, Cassava, Sweet potatoes, Ground nuts,
Other information
not available
Fuel testing
Calorific Value test