About the Catalog
What is the Catalog?

The Clean Cooking Catalog is a global database of cookstoves, fuels, fuel products, and performance data. It includes information on features and specifications, as well as emissions, efficiency and safety based on laboratory and field-testing. The Catalog is driven by partner submissions and serves as living documentation of innovation in the clean cookstove and fuel sector. Inclusion in the Catalog does not reflect or imply an endorsement by the Clean Cooking Alliance.

Core functions of the Catalog are to champion the adoption of international clean cookstove standards and to serve as a tool for delivering robust monitoring and evaluation information to key stakeholders, including:

  • Consumers, investors, and donors, as a resource for stove assessment and comparison
  • Manufacturers, for visibility on their product performance, quality and innovation
  • Researchers seeking data for advanced analysis and study
  • Testing centers, to distribute results and facilitate collaboration
History of the Catalog

The Catalog was launched in 2013 under the Standards and Testing area of the Clean Cooking Alliance’s work. Its predecessor, the Stove Performance Inventory, was a compilation of publically available performance data from English-language publications and reports from 1996-2012. To stay current with technology innovation and sector progress, as well as to enable transparent sharing of test results and facilitate collaboration, an interactive and updatable tool was needed. The Clean Cooking Catalog was developed for rapid convenient access to information on cooking systems. It will assist the Alliance and its partners reach the goal of adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels in 100 million households by 2020.

Catalog features

The Catalog is divided into four sections: stoves, fuel products, fuel production or delivery products, and test results. Within each section, each stove, fuel, fuel product, or test result entry is a single page with detailed information.

  • Stoves: details on compatible fuels, design, specifications, performance, availability, and use
  • Fuel products: combustions properties, availability, sourcing, and manufacturing details
  • Fuel production and delivery products: compatible fuels, availability, and specifications
  • Test results: third party and self-reported data on performance and safety

Within each section, users can easily filter and search products based on design characteristics, geography, and test performance, including using guidelines and standards established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)’s International Workshop Agreement (IWA).

These sections are integrated with each other. For example, from a stove entry page, users are linked directly to test results for that stove.

For more definitions of test results metrics, test protocols, fuel types, and stove characteristics, see the Catalog glossary.

IWA Performance Tiers

Many test results in the Catalog have corresponding IWA performance tiers, while others do not. Test results following protocols consistent with the IWA requirements and reporting requirements can be mapped to IWA Tiers for overall emissions, indoor emissions, efficiency, and safety. These protocols include the Water Boiling Test version 4.1.2 and above, and the Biomass Stove Safety Protocol. The IWA tiers have been replaced by the ISO TC 285 standard and technical report on harmonized laboratory test protocols and voluntary performance targets (VPTs), both published in 2018. We are in the process of updating the Catalog to include reporting and search functions specific to the ISO standard and VPTs. Inclusion in the Catalog does not reflect or imply an endorsement by the Clean Cooking Alliance. More about the VPTs.

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