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The Hotpot is an emission-free solar cooker that is durable, efficient, easy-to-use, portable and commercially viable.Temperatures of 250 degrees Fahrenheit are reached inside the cooker. A liter of water can boil in less than an hour, a cake can bake in an hour and a four pound chicken can cook in two hours. As with any slow-cooker, all ingredients are added together at the start, and the food cooks evenly and thoroughly, without the need for any supervision or stirring. The HotPot need only be turned once an hour, which allows the cook to take part in other activities. The pot assembly comprises a black-enameled steel pot supported by its rim inside a covered, transparent, tempered glass bowl. There is a half-inch of air space between the pot and the bowl. The heat retained inside the glass bowl creates a miniature “greenhouse” effect and maintains cooking temperatures. The "Morning Star" reflector is made of anodized aluminum and has steel hinges. It is durable, alluring and impervious to termites and goats. An aluminum-covered cardboard reflector similar to the CooKit reflector can be used as a substitute for the Morning Star. The pot assembly rests inside the reflector, which is shaped to concentrate the solar energy onto the pot, and folds easily for storage.

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Information for consumers
Maximum pot capacity
4 L
Approximate lifetime
10 years
People fed per meal
Pot type accommodated
(Flat bottom/Round bottom)
Round bottom
Countries deployed
Cameroon, Chad, Côte d'Ivoire, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Mali, Mexico, Senegal
Common foods cooked
Rice, beans, chicken, cakes, etc.
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Suggested retail price
USD 60-150
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Dimensions (l/w/h)
330/330/220 mm
5.4 kg
Shipping dimensions
381/381/305 mm
Shipping weight
6.64 kg
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Materials needed for local assembly
HotPot "Morning Star" reflector set unfolds easily. Enamel back bowl fits inside pyrex bowl and cover.
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Other information
Through field experience and research, Solar Household Energy (SHE) perceived the need for a mass-produced solar oven that was durable, efficient, easy-to-use, portable and commercially viable. After years of research the HotPotTM design was completed in 2004. It evolved from the “panel” oven invented by Dr. Roger Bernard and refined by Solar Cookers International. The science and engineering were accomplished by the Florida Solar Energy Center. The reflector was designed by Glen Newman of Energy Laboratories, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida. The HotPot is manufactured in Mexico by a private business, in cooperation with the Mexican Nature Conservation Fund, a non-profit. The U.S. distributor for the HotPot is Sun BD Corporation. SHE Inc. becomes involved in large quantity HotPot purchases to be used in solar cooking technology transfer projects. The HotPot can be purchased more economically if an aluminum-covered cardboard reflector similar to the CooKit reflector is used as a substitute for the Morning Star.
Solar: Panel, Non-traditional, Household, Portable
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