Moto Safi
Moto Safi

Moto Safi ethanol gel fueled stove comes in single burner stoves. Moto Safi stove comes packed in a branded box with user instructions and manufacturers contacts, weighing 1.2 kg per stove. The stove has been tested and passed by SGS and awarded a Certificate of Conformity. Kenya Bureau of Standards has issued an Import Standardization Mark (ISM) to be labeled on the Moto Safi box. Through Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) Moto Safi has been issued a trade mark which expires in March 2026 - TM No. 74471. The stove is also user friendly, durable and extremely safe to use. The fuel tank is not pressurized and thus cannot explode. The stove flame is adjusted and extinguished by a simple regulator. The stove is also light in weight and is easy to carry (portable 1.2 kg). The stove is also very strong and the pot trivet is designed to carry a pot of up to 60kg. The stove is made of mild steel of Gauge 22 (6mm thickness) and comes in two colours, white and teflon. Moto Safi stove design is round and does not have any sharp edges. Moto Safi Stove has a stainless steel gel container and flame regulator, ensuring they will not rust.

IWA tiers of performance
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Indoor emissions
Information for consumers
Maximum pot capacity
5 L
Approximate lifetime
6 years
People fed per meal
Pot type accommodated
(Flat bottom/Round bottom)
Flat bottom
Countries deployed
Common foods cooked
all types of food cooked on flat bottomed pot.
Manufacturer's warranty available?
Warranty details
1 year warranty
General information
Manufactured in
Suggested retail price
USD 19-29
On the market
Dimensions (l/w/h)
not available
not available
Shipping dimensions
not available
Shipping weight
not available
Local assembly possible?
Includes instructions?
Other information
Markings and Packaging. In view of new KEBS regulations March 2014, the next consignment (batch) of stoves will in addition bear the following Markings : Manufacturers Date, Serial Number, Thermal Efficiency and Power Output. On the Package following will be included: Warranty, Bar Coding
Non-traditional, Household, Portable, Batch loaded
Performance details
IWA emissions  
Metric Min value Max value Number of tests
IWA high power CO 6.39 g/MJ-del 6.39 g/MJ-del 1
IWA low power CO 0.11 g/min/L 0.11 g/min/L 1
IWA efficiency  
Metric Min value Max value Number of tests
IWA high power thermal efficiency 51.5 % 51.5 % 1
IWA low power specific consumption 0.04 MJ/min/L 0.04 MJ/min/L 1
IWA indoor emissions  
Metric Min value Max value Number of tests
IWA CO 0.18 g/min 0.18 g/min 1