Wisdom Jiko - M2 model
Wisdom Jiko - M2 model

Natural draft gasifier with the ability to cook using raw dry biomass as well as the formed char in the same continuous process

IWA tiers of performance
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Indoor emissions
Information for consumers
Maximum pot capacity
15 L
Approximate lifetime
5 years
People fed per meal
Pot type accommodated
(Flat bottom/Round bottom)
Countries deployed
Common foods cooked
Githeri - Boiled maize and beans
Manufacturer's warranty available?
Warranty details
1 year warranty
General information
Manufactured in
Suggested retail price
USD 35-39
On the market
Dimensions (l/w/h)
280/280/430 mm
8.0 kg
Shipping dimensions
300/300/482 mm
Shipping weight
9.0 kg
Local assembly possible?
Materials needed for local assembly
Galvanized sheets, mild steel, clay ceramic, stainless steel
Includes instructions?
Instruction details
The stove comes with user instructions on the packaging in both English and Kiswahili
Other information
More information on www.wisdominnovations.co.ke
Non-traditional, Household, Portable, Batch loaded, Biochar-producing, Gasifier (TLUD), Ceramic-lined
Briquettes, Charcoal, Crop residues, Dung, Pellets, Wood
Clay, Metal
Performance details
IWA emissions  
Metric Min value Max value Number of tests
IWA high power CO 0.966 g/MJ-del 0.966 g/MJ-del 1
IWA high power PM 246.0 mg/MJ-del 246.0 mg/MJ-del 1
IWA low power CO 0.0554 g/min/L 0.0554 g/min/L 1
IWA low power PM 0.253 mg/min/L 0.253 mg/min/L 1
IWA efficiency  
Metric Min value Max value Number of tests
IWA high power thermal efficiency 26.65 % 26.65 % 1
IWA low power specific consumption 0.052 MJ/min/L 0.052 MJ/min/L 1
IWA indoor emissions  
Metric Min value Max value Number of tests
IWA high power indoor CO 0.165 g/min 0.165 g/min 1
IWA high power indoor PM 22.38 mg/min 22.38 mg/min 1
Efficiency, energy consumption and fuel use
Metric Min value Max value Number of tests
Cold start thermal efficiency 23.0 % 23.0 % 1
Hot start thermal efficiency 29.0 % 29.0 % 1
Simmer thermal efficiency 33.0 % 33.0 % 1
Specific fuel consumption cold start 91.0 g/L 91.0 g/L 1
Specific fuel consumption hot start 69.0 g/L 69.0 g/L 1
Burning rate hot start 17.0 g/min 17.0 g/min 1
Burning rate cold start 19.0 g/min 19.0 g/min 1
Burning rate simmer 10.0 g/min 10.0 g/min 1
Specific fuel consumption simmer 175.0 g/L 175.0 g/L 1
Metric Min value Max value Number of tests
Time to boil cold start 19.0 min 19.0 min 1
Time to boil hot start 16.0 min 16.0 min 1
Metric Min value Max value Number of tests
Total CO2 emissions cold start 403.0 g 403.0 g 1
Total CO2 emissions hot start 616.0 g 616.0 g 1
Total CO2 emissions simmer 665.0 g 665.0 g 1