Test result: CleanCook Aluminum One-Burner (A1)
Water boiling test (WBT)
Stove and fuel
Stove characteristics
Portable, Household, Non-traditional
Fuel type
Fuel description
The fuel used was pure grain alcohol from a local liquor store with varying amounts of water added. Also, an “ideal” soot-free fuel was also used for one test.
Fuel moisture content
Fuel net calorific value
not available
Test information
Test details
The ethanol stoves were tested using the 2003 UCB Water Boiling Test (WBT). The first phase of each test consists of a high-power analysis in which 2.5 or 5 liters of water are brought to a boil in the standard 3 or 7 liter pots. In this case, only the 95% fuel burned in the CleanCook stove produced a high enough firepower to boil the 5 liters, so the other test series were conducted using 2.5 L of water. Each high power test was performed twice with the stove body starting cold and then again when hot. In the low power phase of the test, the 5 liters of water was simmered at about 3 degrees C below the full boiling temperature for 45 minutes.
Testing organization
Reporting type
Third party
United States
Year performed
Test environment
not available
Number of replicate tests
Test result IWA tiers of performance
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Indoor emissions
Performance metrics
Efficiency, energy consumption and fuel use
Metric Value SD (σ) Cv
Specific energy consumption 7667.0 kJ/task
Fuel consumed g/task
Cold start thermal efficiency 58.0%
Simmer thermal efficiency 53.0%
Burning rate cold start 3.0 g/min
Burning rate simmer 2.0 g/min
Metric Value SD (σ) Cv
Cold start firepower 1375.0 W
Simmer firepower 1018.0 W
Time to boil cold start 53.0 min
Time to boil hot start 47.0 min
Turn down ratio 1.4
Metric Value SD (σ) Cv
CH4 emissions factor (2) g/kg fuel
CH4 emissions factor (2) 1.37 g/kg fuel
CO emissions factor (2) g/kg fuel
CO emissions factor (2) 34.4 g/kg fuel