Test result: Mwoto Quad2
Water boiling test (WBT)
Stove and fuel
Stove characteristics
Non-traditional, Heating, Biochar-producing, Batch loaded, Gasifier (TLUD), Portable, Household
Fuel type
Fuel description
Eucalyptus Grandis (Rose Gum, Grand Eucalyptus)
Fuel moisture content
not available
Fuel net calorific value
18430.0 MJ/kg
Test information
Test details
WBT 4.1.2 protocol followed, consisting of two test phases: Cold Start (High Power) and Simmering (Low Power) phases. During cold-start, a pre-weighed bundle of cut eucalyptus wood was fed in the stove at room temperature. The stove was lit and the fire was used to boil 5 litres of water in a 7litre-pot. During simmering, a fresh bundle of cut eucalyptus wood was fed to the stove was. The stove was lit and the fire produced was used to keep hot water simmering at just below boiling point for 45 minutes. Preliminary results - only 3 test runs conducted.
Reporting type
Third party
Year performed
Test environment
not available
Number of replicate tests
Source information
Bwino, DA., July 2012. Quad TLUD: An Observation Test Report. Centre for Research in Energy and Energy Conservation.
Source data
not available
Test result IWA tiers of performance
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Indoor emissions
Performance metrics
Efficiency, energy consumption and fuel use
Metric Value SD (σ) Cv
Burning rate cold start 16.7 g/min 0.3 0.02
Cold start thermal efficiency 33.0% 1.0 0.03
Specific fuel consumption cold start 61.9 g/L 1.4 0.02
Temp-corrected specific consumption cold start 65.8 g/L 3.4 0.05
Temp-corrected specific consumption cold start 0.01 g/L 0.0009 0.09
Burning rate simmer 11.6 g/min 0.5 0.04
Simmer thermal efficiency 29.0% 3.0 0.1
Fuel consumed 1049.0 g/task 76.2 0.07
Specific energy consumption 19337.0 kJ/task 1403.8 0.07
Specific fuel consumption simmer 144.1 g/L 17.3 0.12
Temp-corrected specific energy cons simmer 0.6 kJ/L 0.02 0.03
Metric Value SD (σ) Cv
Time to boil cold start 18.0 min 0.0 0.0
Temp-corrected time to boil cold start 19.1 min 0.6 0.03
Cold start firepower 5125.0 W 85.0 0.02
Simmer firepower 3574.0 W 145.1 0.04
Turn down ratio 1.44 0.08 0.06