Test result: jikokoa
Emissions and Performance Test Protocol (EPTP)
Stove and fuel
Stove characteristics
Non-traditional, Household, Portable, Batch loaded
Fuel type
Fuel description
Royal Oak Natural Lump Charcoal
Fuel moisture content
not available
Fuel net calorific value
28.2 MJ/kg
Test information
Test details
not available
Testing organization
Reporting type
Self reported
United States
Year performed
Test environment
410 m
Number of replicate tests
not available
Source information
not available
Source data
Test result IWA tiers of performance
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Indoor emissions
Performance metrics
IWA emissions  
Metric Value SD (σ) Cv
IWA high power CO 12.5 g/MJ-del
IWA high power PM 45.39 mg/MJ-del
IWA low power CO 0.023 g/min/L
IWA low power PM 0.49 mg/min/L
IWA efficiency  
Metric Value SD (σ) Cv
IWA high power thermal efficiency 45.0%
IWA low power specific consumption 0.004 MJ/min/L
IWA indoor emissions  
Metric Value SD (σ) Cv
IWA CO 0.8 g/min
IWA PM 2.93 mg/min
Efficiency, energy consumption and fuel use
Metric Value SD (σ) Cv
Simmer thermal efficiency 44.0%
Specific fuel consumption cold start 25.17 g/L
Temp-corrected specific consumption cold start 25.0 g/L
Cold start thermal efficiency 45.0%
Temp-corrected specific energy cons cold start 704.0 kJ/L
Burning rate cold start 5.05 g/min
Burning rate simmer 0.72 g/min
Specific fuel consumption simmer 6.75 g/L
Temp-corrected specific energy cons simmer 190.0 kJ/L
Metric Value SD (σ) Cv
Time to boil cold start 24.75 min
Temp-corrected time to boil cold start 24.56 min
Cold start firepower 2372.0 W
Simmer firepower 340.0 W
Turn down ratio 7.25
Safety metrics
Metric Value SD (σ) Cv
Sharp edges and points rating 4.0
Cookstove tipping rating 4.0
Containment of fuel rating 4.0
Obstructions near cooking surface rating 4.0
Surface temperature rating 1.0
Heat transmission to surroundings rating 4.0
Temperature of operational construction rating 2.0
Chimney shielding rating 4.0
Flames surrounding cookpot rating 4.0
Flames or fuel exiting chamber rating 4.0
Total safety score 90.0 points